Metering Pumps DOSSER MMG1 Series

DOSSER MMG1 Series Description
Flow:0-420 lph
Pressure: 0-10Bar
Protection Degree: IP55
Flow Control: Manual operation, Automatic (add a automatic stroke controlling to receive 4-20m signal)

Work Condition
Environment temperature: -30 C —60 C

Material: carton with wooden base
Measurement: 40 x 33×52 cm
Gross Weight: 23 kg.

Pumphead: SUS304, SUS316, PVC, PTEF
Diaphragm: PTFE
Valve: SUS304, SUS316, PVC, PTEF
Valveball: ZrO2, SUS304, SUS316, Ceramic
Valve seat: Viton, PVC, SUS304, SUS316
Tubing: PE, PVCFeatures1

1.Very high safety of operation. Mechanical actuate diaphragm. Changeable eccentric drive
2.Power off seal,noleakage,withsecurity delivery device,simplemaintance
3.It can transport high-viscosity mediums, corrosive liquid and dangerous chemical goods.
4.The flow can be controlled via adjusting the length of stroke or the motor frequency.
5.The diaghragmis made from multilayer complex structure to promote the life span, the first layer is Teflonanti-acid diaphragm, the second is EPDM stretch rubber, the third is 3.00 mm thick SUS304 that supporting the ironcorn. The fourth is also the EPDM stretch rubber to cover all of the body.

Widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, mining, shipbuilding,lightindustry,agriculture, national defense department and etc.

DOSSER MMG1 Series Specifications MMG125/1.0,MMG150/1.0,MMG180/0.7,MMG1120/0.7,MMG1170/0.7,MMG1240/0.5,MMG1320/0.5,MMG1420/0.5

Model Flow Pressure Frequency Power Caliber Weight
(lph) (Bar) (min-1) (W) (DN) (kg)
MMG125/1.0 25 10 48 370 8 22
MMG150/1.0 50 10 48 370
MMG180/0.7 80 7 96 370 15
MMG1120/0.7 120 7 48 370
MMG1170/0.7 170 7 96 370
MMG1240/0.5 240 5 96 370
MMG1320/0.5 320 5 144 550 28
MMG1420/0.5 420 5 144 550